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Rick Young's Blog

Crisis in the engine room

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I been working hard for weeks running, barely a day off. On and off of planes, shooting in Europe and America.

I'm home for 3 days and then off to film again. Everything is packed from the last shoot so no need to repack. A quick check - everything in order: cameras, light with softbox, tripods, mics, laptops, drives... the car is loaded up and I'm driving at speed to my next destination.

The job is in Whitehall - that's the centre of Government in the UK for those not familiar with the layout of London. I'm in a hotel, all my gear unloaded, I'm checking through to make sure everything is in order.

Everything is great - main camera, backup camera, laptop to edit on, backup laptop.

Tripod, Dedo light with softbox. I open up the Dedo light case and to my horror realise I've got the wrong power supply.

The Dedo light is a fantastic invention, and there isn't one light, there are many. The light I'm using is 150 watt Dedo light with softbox, very portable, can be dimmed or brightened, and to use in the USA requires a different power supply to Europe. I've got the wrong one (this isn't a case of changing the plug, you need the correct kit for whichever part of the world you are in.)

I have two of the power supplies I need over 200 miles away; I have one of the wrong power supplies with me. It's 7.30pm. I'm due onsite at 8am the following morning.

On the phone - I know someone who will have one. Voicemail. I ring again. Voicemail again.

I sit calmly realising I cannot light the interview in Whitehall without being able to turn my light on. It's a big interview - not quite the Prime Minister but still important enough that it would be catastrophe if I were to blow it.

I ring a dealer/rental house in Chiswick. 7.30pm - the phone is answered.

Takes 2 minutes to organise a rental unit to be sent to my hotel on Southampton Row, Central London. It'll cost me the courier fee and a rental charge. And it gets me out of jail.

Thank you Stuart at Prokit. You saved my skin so I get to play the game again.

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