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Rick Young's Blog

Get out of the way

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Worked on a major major shoot over the last week. 4 days of action which involved a world champion motorcyclist, jumping over cars, skidding and speeding from location to location, plus many extreme situations which involved riding (literally) over fire engines, roof tops, up and down steps, ladders and even a small plane.

Sounds quite crazy and it was. Hugely visual, sometimes dangerous, and much of the shoot was very limited for time. Intricate set-ups were required for many of the stunts which myself and another cameraman filmed using anything from two to four cameras.

One set-up involved the motorcyclist speeding along, riding onto the wing of a light aircraft, and then launching himself off of this to speed away.

Now obviously the wing of a plane isn't designed for a motorcycle and person - however, having consulted engineers and aircraft experts, it was decided this could be done safely provided the bike only landed and touched one part of the wing, the strongest part designed for maintenance people to walk along.

So it was - everything set and ready to go, the motorcyclist does his stuff, 2 cameras manned and positioned - I'm about to roll when I see a person in the way.

A lady from the local newspaper is smack bang in the middle of the shot.

I shout for her to move. The lady shouts back.

I shout again - she's arguing and refuses to move. She needs to get her shot.

I lose it at this point : "You - move! I shout. "We're filming this from two cameras and you're in both shots!"

The lady holds up her still camera - pointing to it. Throwing her arms up in despair.

"You move now! Get out of the way!!!" I'm screaming as loud as I can.

A crew of twenty people wait, watching for the intruder to move.

Finally the lady runs off in despair, obviously unhappy at the situation.

We shoot, job done, later on I look at the footage. And there she is. I managed to move her from the main shot but she succeeded in getting in the way of one of the wide shots.... so painful she couldn't understand that there was a shoot going on and her still for the paper was secondary to everything else...

This isn't a rant against newspaper photographers - just one particularly painful person.

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