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Ever since Apple became the first manufacturer to ship a computer with a DVD burner knocking out DVDs has become a crucial part of distributing video content produced on the Mac. DVD production requires a solid understanding of content preparation, authoring, and encoding

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Bruce Nazarian shows how to make affordable Blu-Ray discs

Bruce Nazarian: DVD, Blu-ray and distribution expert (part 1)

Bruce Nazarian is regarded as an expert in DVD and Blu-ray technology. He is the President of the DVD Association, author of DVD Studio Pro 4 - the Complete Guide for Authoring with Macintosh (McGraw-Hill Professional, 2006), a trainer, consultant and CEO of Digital Media Consulting Group Inc. He is known as "The Digital Guy." Also featured are two presentations from FCPUG SuperMeets, where Bruce's skills and presence lights up the room, inspiring and motivating like no other.

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Apple granted head-mounted display patent

Is Apple planning to launch a Google Project Glass rival?

Apple has been granted a patent for a head-mounted display, which could be used to make a Google Project Glass rival.

Apple revamps iCloud.com beta for developers

Adds Notes and Reminders applications and updates to Find my iPhone and Calendar

New to the beta are Notes and Reminders applications built for the web and updates to Find my iPhone and the Calendar applications.

The average iOS customer is worth $1,000 to Apple - analyst

Goldman Sachs analyst says 21 per cent of iOS device owners wouldn’t switch platforms, even if offered huge discounts

A new study has highlighted the loyalty of iPad and iPhone users, who are so unlikely to switch from Apple’s iOS to another platform that an analyst believes they are worth almost $295billion (£188billion) cumulatively, which is more than half of Apple’s current market cap.

Apple gives MobileMe users an extension

The company hasn't specified when the extension to the deadline for moving files to iCloud will end

Apple closed MobileMe on Sunday night, but the company has extended the opportunity to move accounts to iCloud, download photos from Gallery and download files from iDisk, for a “limited time”.

Amazon Cloud fails, knocks out Netflix, Instagram

Severe storms caused an outage of Amazon's Elastic Compute Cloud in northern Virginia.

Digital cloud services aren't immune to the impact of real clouds, and that meant some bad news this weekend for the folks at Amazon and sites that rely in its web services.

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