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Live vision mixing with the Datavideo SE-2000, HD SDI vision switcherHas a video


RIck Young
Vision mixing on location has traditionally been very expensive, requiring a significant amount of peripheral products. The affordable Datavideo SE-2000 offers HD quality inside of a portable unit which features: up to 5 inputs (4 HD SDI, & DVI); built in audio mixer; HD quality from input to output.

Best of MacVideo Movies 2011Has a video


Rick Young
10 of the best movies shown on MacVideo throughout 2011: featuring, Apple previews Final Cut Pro X; Walter Murch: the FCPX situation; Organising your footage using Final Cut Pro X; Michael Wohl - features of Final Cut Pro X; Shooting with the PMW-F3, Chasing the Ninja; Philip Bloom: Choosing the right camera for the job; Testing the Rycote softie

Autodesk Smoke: reducing the complexity of post-production workflows


Nick Manning
Smoke’s all-in one content finishing toolset can really help users take projects to the next level in terms of colour correction, titles and effects work, chroma keying and the highest levels of uncompressed editing. The integrated finishing solution combines intuitive editorial timeline navigation with advanced 3D finishing tools. Native support for industry-standard media formats and GPU-accelerated interactivity when compositing allows projects to be delivered faster, even against the tightest deadlines.

Adobe CS5.5 Demo, latest version of the Adobe video suiteHas a video


Rick Young
Debuted in April, at NAB 2011, Adobe Creative Suite® 5.5 Production Premium, is a complete software solution for video and post-production that enables one to deliver content to virtually any screen. Described as having breakthrough performance, workflow improvements, creative innovations, and powerful new audio editing capabilities, this latest upgrade represents an improved workflow to video professionals.

Best MacVideo Movies, 2010 (parts 3 & 4)Has a video


Rick Young
Featuring: DSLR Sensor Cleaning; NanoFlash Investigation with Ben King; Dan Brockett shows mics, lights and a Zacuto Z-finder ; Steadicam Tango: Garrett Brown, Jerry Holway. Enter the Ninja, portable ProRes recorder; Red Digital Cinema show Epic, Ikonoskop; Sony PMW-F3 launch

Best MacVideo Movies, 2010 (parts 1 & 2)Has a video


Rick Young
Parts 1 and 2, featuring 8 of the best MacVideo movies of 2010. Including: NXCAM Barcelona, camera review; Vaughan Smith, Going to Afghanistan; The Strength of AVID Media Composer 5; Go Pro, HD Hero; Panasonic AF100/101 interview; PMW-EX1R camera test, featuring Matt Davis

Adobe Unleash CS5: pure 64 bit cocoaHas a video


Rick Young
Adobe has launched the fifth incarnation of its Creative Suite collection of professional applications for print and Web designers and videographers. This set of coordinated programs, popularly called Adobe CS5, includes new versions of 14 products and their associated apps, four new online services, and a brand new interactive Web design product.

A look back at memorable SF SuperMeet Movies and moreHas a video


Rick Young
With the 2010 San Francisco SuperMeet about to happen, February 5, at the UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center in San Francisco, we take a look at some memorable moment from previous SuperMeets, spectacular demos, and inspiring moments.

Best of MacVideo Movies 2009 (parts 3 & 4)Has a video


Rick Young
Featuring: Making Music Videos - Greg Hawkes; Independent Filmmaker - Claudio von Planta; The Frontline Club - Vaughan Smith; Playing for Change - Jonathan Walls; What You Need to Know About FCP7 - Michael Wohl; World-class Cinematographer - Dedo Weigert; Filming Underwater - Luca Coltri; Effects Production in Final Cut Pro - Rick Young; Steenbeck Flatbed Editing - Alive and Kicking in 2009; JVC GY HM100 and GY HM-700 - Rick Young and Semir Nouri.

Box'a'tricks - investigating the Matrox MXO2 and MXO2 Mini with H.264 Max technologyHas a video


Rick Young
The MXO2 comes in several configurations: MXO2, MXO2 Rackmount, MXO2 LE and MXO2 Mini. All the MXO2 boxes essentially do the same thing, with the distinguishing factor being the inputs and outputs available. Each box provides for monitor calibration, up-convert, down-convert, cross-convert of video content, and optional accelerated encoding for H.264 using the Matrox Max technology.

Jason Levine; Share the love with Adobe's CS4Has a video


Rick Young
In this demo recorded at the FCPUG NAB SuperMeet, Jason's charismatic style comes though as he shows off how simple it is to bring a Final Cut Pro project into Adobe Premiere Pro, to then work with this content in After Effects and to author Blu-ray discs using Adobe Encore. Jason clearly shows that CS4 and Final Cut Pro can be used to compliment one another.

Making replicatable Blu-ray - Bruce Nazarian and Larry ApplegateHas a video


Rick Young
Simply put - replicating Blu-ray discs is very expensive, largely due to licensing and technical requirements. However due to the genius of a man named Larry Applegate, there is now an affordable way to make a Blu-ray CMF (cutting master format) - this is required by replicators for mass production of Blue-ray discs.

Final Cut Pro 7 and the rest of Final Cut Studio 3 unleashed: New features (part 1)Has a video


Rick Young
It only happens every 2 years or so that Apple releases a major upgrade to its professional suite of post-production software. Now Final Cut Studio 3 is unveiled, and at the core is Final Cut Pro 7. New Features to Final Cut Pro 7 include: Expanded ProRes family, Easy export, iChat Theater support, New speed change tools, Alpha transitions, Improved markers, Native AVC-Intra support, Background export, Global transitions, Multi-Touch Trackpad and more

FCPUG Road Show in Hungary


Gyula Kazari
Our UG is still in child's shoes. We are only a few months old organization with three co-founder (one from Budapest, Hungary, one from Antwerp, Belgium and the other from Moscow, Russia) and besides setting up the website and posting news and tutorials we did not do much. So pretty soon we thought it was about time to meet our members and really do something for them.

Apple's newest 24-in. iMac 'a sight to behold'


Michael DeAgonia
Earlier this month, Apple completed a round of hardware updates to its Mac Pro, iMac and Mac mini lines, offering up modest speed boosts, some pricing tweaks and -- most importantly -- the Nvidia 9400M chipset for graphics.

15-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo/2.66GHz


James Galbraith
As far as upgrades go, the top-of-the-line 15-inch MacBook Pro's makeover is far from extreme. But we're not going to complain if Apple chooses to gently goose the processor speed a little bit without expecting a dime more for the effort.

Bruce Nazarian shows how to produce affordable Blu-rayHas a video


Rick Young
When it comes to producing Blu-ray discs there are a whole lot of issues one needs to consider which have not faced the traditional DVD author. Simply put - replicating Blu-ray discs is very expensive, largely due to licensing requirements, compared to replicating 4.7GB DVDs. However there is a way to do author and duplicate Blu-ray affordably. Using regular 4.7GB DVDs one can produce high definition discs which will play in Blu-ray players. Bruce Nazarian reveals the secrets of how this can be achieved.

17-inch MacBook Pro Core 2 Duo/2.66GHz


James Galbraith
The new 17-inch MacBook Pro arrived a little late to the unibody makeover party--most of Apple's laptop line switched to the thinner and lighter, precision-crafted aluminum design back in October 2008. But the new 17-inch laptop is not without under-the-hood innovation. The incremental updates that boost processor, system bus, and RAM speeds are all welcome, but the big news with the 17-inch MacBook Pro is its new battery design. Apple says the new laptop's battery is 40 percent larger than the battery in its 17-inch predecessor, allowing the new 17-inch MacBook Pro to run for up to 8 hours on a single charge.

Panasonic DMP-BD55K Blu-ray Disc Player


Lincoln Spector
At US$400 (as of 2/18/09), the Panasonic DMP-BD55K is expensive. But its superb image quality, excellent design, and wide feature set make the DMP-BD55K a tempting choice for shoppers with deep enough pockets.

Memorex MVBD2510 Blu-ray Disc Player


Lincoln Spector
At an estimated street price of US$175 (as of 2/18/09), the Memorex MVBD2510 is the least expensive Blu-ray player we've seen thus far. But a poorly designed remote, uncommunicative menus, and acceptable but unexceptional image quality are the prices you pay for saving money.

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