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Soho Editors ShowreelHas a video


Macvideo Staff
Soho Editors freelance talent recruitment agency only works with the best. Whether you need a reliable and skilled editor or audio mixer for an important project, or simply want to educate yourself on the most cutting edge post-production technology, Soho Editors is the premier agency to accommodate all of your post-production staffing and training needs

How to colour grade stereoscopic 3D footage


Neil Bennett
Colourist Dado Valentic of Mytherapy reveals how to overcome the challenges inherent in grading stereo 3D footage.

Live vision mixing with the Datavideo SE-2000, HD SDI vision switcherHas a video


RIck Young
Vision mixing on location has traditionally been very expensive, requiring a significant amount of peripheral products. The affordable Datavideo SE-2000 offers HD quality inside of a portable unit which features: up to 5 inputs (4 HD SDI, & DVI); built in audio mixer; HD quality from input to output.

Michael Wohl - features of Final Cut Pro XHas a video


Rick Young
Michael Wohl, who worked on the original Final Cut Pro development team, shows how to get the most out of Final Cut Pro X, by learning the subtle features and hidden tricks to speed up your workflow. Underneath the hood of what appears obvious, are many little "things" that makes this editor unique. Recorded at FCPUG IBC SuperMeet, September, 2011.

Best of MacVideo Movies 2011Has a video


Rick Young
10 of the best movies shown on MacVideo throughout 2011: featuring, Apple previews Final Cut Pro X; Walter Murch: the FCPX situation; Organising your footage using Final Cut Pro X; Michael Wohl - features of Final Cut Pro X; Shooting with the PMW-F3, Chasing the Ninja; Philip Bloom: Choosing the right camera for the job; Testing the Rycote softie

Simon Walker presents Grading in Premiere ProHas a video


Rick Young
Apple Certified Master Trainer and Adobe Certified Instructor Simon Walker has been migrating from grading in FCP7 and Color, to using the tools in Adobe's Production Premium to colour correct and grade footage. In this session he shares some of the processes he has found useful, and how plug-ins help him work faster.

Philippe Baudet: live production switching on locationHas a video


Rick Young
Philippe Baudet, FCP editor for 10 years and one of Europe's first Apple Solution's Expert Video, bridges the gap between post-production and live event production. He discusses his journey from being a FCP editor in post-production, to now being one of the biggest systems integrators in Luxembourg - building OB trucks and vans with Macs and Blackmagic Design's ATEM production switchers.

Rick Young live demo: Editing with Final Cut Pro X (part 2)Has a video


Rick Young
Rick Young runs through the core knowledge needed to edit using Final Cut Pro X. Key functions are shown, including accessing footage from the Events Library, marking Favorites, editing footage into the Timeline, manipulating footage in the Timeline, adding titles, adjusting opacity.

Rick Young: Organising your footage using Final Cut Pro XHas a video


Rick Young
Rick Young runs through essential processes for organising your media with Final Cut Pro X. Using features such as Batch Renaming, adding searchable logging notes, and Keywording. See just how simple it is to label and organise all of your media. Final Cut Pro X offers the means to harness the power of a sophisticated, searchable database to facilitate the editing process.

Walter Murch: the FCPX situationHas a video


Rick Young
Recorded live at the Boston SuperMeet, October 27, 2011. Walter tells of his immediate thoughts when Final Cut Pro X was released; what the program lacked and why it was unsuitable for feature film production. He explains what Apple has done, in the meantime, to improve the application and where he hopes this will go next. Walter has been an advocate of previous versions of Final Cut Pro; his thoughts regarding FCPX have been widely anticipated.

Steenbeck editing tables in the 21st centuryHas a video


Rick Young
In the 1970's video editing was primitive and film production ruled the scene. Several film editing manufacturers produced editing tables. In Europe, king of the roost was Steenbeck. The company offered a flatbed editing table with excellent image display, and various models with up to 6 or 8 plates available.

Matt Davis: switching from Final Cut Pro to Adobe Premiere ProHas a video


Rick Young
After editing for a decade using Final Cut Pro, Matt Davis explains what's it like to switch to Adobe Premiere Pro? Matt talks about making the transition from Final Cut Pro 7 and the rest of the Studio, to Premiere Pro 5.5 and the Adobe Creative Suite. He explains the advantages, the pitfalls, and the surprises.

Batch Renaming Clips in Final Cut Pro X


Rick Young
The ability to Batch Rename clips in Final Cut Pro Pro X is a fantastic means for the editor to organise their footage, not just because naming conventions like 013_0251_01 for camera originals is meaningless and useless - but also because clips which you have renamed are searchable.

AJA and your pipelineHas a video


Rick Young
From Acquisition to Edit and Conversion, AJA's updates and new products offer you a wealth of powerful tools. Ki Pro Mini, has gained new features for your acquisition needs for Apple ProRes workflows. KONA 3G enables 4K playout for the growing needs of high resolution camera capture and post workflows. The FS2, offers double the conversion capabilities and Fiber connectivity for production and post workflows of all stripes, including Dolby E encoding and decoding options

Autodesk Smoke: reducing the complexity of post-production workflows


Nick Manning
Smoke’s all-in one content finishing toolset can really help users take projects to the next level in terms of colour correction, titles and effects work, chroma keying and the highest levels of uncompressed editing. The integrated finishing solution combines intuitive editorial timeline navigation with advanced 3D finishing tools. Native support for industry-standard media formats and GPU-accelerated interactivity when compositing allows projects to be delivered faster, even against the tightest deadlines.

Final Cut Pro X - Dual Track Audio Editing


Rick Young
THere are some surprisingly powerful audio tools in Final Cut Pro if you dig deep. What may appear to be limited at first look is actually amazingly capable, if you know where to look.

Blackmagic Design: DaVinci Resolve 8; HyperDeck Shuttle & HyperDeck StudioHas a video


Rick Young
Blackmagic Design has announced the immediate availability of DaVinci Resolve 8, a major new update to what has been described as the world’s most advanced color correction tool. Also featured are two uncompressed SSD recorders, the HyperDeck Shuttle & HyperDeck Studio.

London SuperMeet: Final Cut Pro X (parts 1 & 2)Has a video


Rick Young
June 23 at the London SuperMeet and Final Cut Pro X is shown, talked about, and questions answered by digital video expert Larry Jordan. Larry shows how the new software works, explains short-comings, and offers advice on how to implement Final Cut Pro X into your workflow.

Final Cut Pro: A Day In The LifeHas a video


RIck Young
As we stand on the threshold of the end of one era, the old Final Cut Pro, and the beginning of a new with Final Cut Pro X, this music video and soundtrack encapsulates the world of the freelance Final Cut Pro editor and their chaotic existence. Humorous, yet not too far from the truth.

MacVideo Expo: Preparing for Final Cut Pro X (part 1)Has a video


Rick Young
6 well-known editors of the UK Final Cut Pro community, in turn, talk about about their hopes for Final Cut Pro X, their concerns, and how they are preparing for the impending change in editing technology.

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