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Steenbeck editing tables: Alive and Kicking in 2009

Proven traditional technology at work in the 21st century

Steenbeck - alive and kicking in 2009

In the 1970's video editing was primitive and film production ruled the scene. Several film editing manufacturers produced editing tables. In Europe, king of the roost was Steenbeck. The company offered a flatbed editing table with excellent image display, and various models with up to 6 or 8 plates available, so that one could load up separate film reels and separate sprocketed mag striped tape to quickly access content and build a production.

Jump forward to the year 2009 and Steenbeck is "alive and kicking" still manufacturing editing tables, now used by film archivists, film laboratories, and a dedicated band of film editors who refuse to move from the traditional way of cutting film into a more modern workflow. Steenbeck has stood the test of time and continues to produce and refurbish its machines which have become iconic in the world of film editing.

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