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Testing the Editors Keys SL150 Vocal Mic

Affordable microphone and vocal booth

Testing the Editors Keys SL150 Vocal Mic.

Interview with Mark Brown, Company Director, Editors Keys

Question: I know Editors Keys as providing stickers for keyboards to speed up workflow for various applications, please give us some background on this and how you have moved into other areas

Mark Brown: Editors Keys started around 4-5 years ago, when I was setting up a small video production company to produce promotional videos for bars and hotels. I'd saved up about £600 towards a new computer, hard drive, etc and the one thing missing from my new home studio was an editing keyboard. So i did a little search and couldn't believe how much they cost! Over £100 for a new ugly keyboard which has a few shortcuts on it.

I knew i needed to speed up my workflow, so decided there must be another method, there wasn't so, that's where the idea of editors keys started, allowing people to change their own perfect keyboard into an editing keyboard for just a tenner!

Over the last 4 years, we've been getting hundreds of calls from budding video and audio producers and the same questions kept popping up. "I do a bit of audio work, or need a microphone which will work with USB". People just couldn't find a great studio USB Vocal mic, so i thought it was time, to invest back into the customers which have supported us and develop a range of easy to use, great quality microphones for a great price. This then lead us on to more questions about recording clearer vocals and how to remove background noise and again we developed the 'Portable Vocal Booth'.

Our secret is talking to customers and creating products around the problems they currently face.

Question: Talk to me about the affordable mics. you sell. What kind of mics are these - how good can one get in terms of sound quality at such an affordable price

Mark Brown: All of our mics are a range of condenser microphones specifically designed to work simply by plugging them into your USB port.

The reason we choose condenser mics is due to the fact that most of customers who are recording audio are recording vocals, and condensers give great tonal clarity and tonal features compared to say dynamic microphones.

We built all the mics with large gold mounted diaphragms with a great frequency response.

The main purpose for the mic was to allow Video or audio producers who just want to record really clear vocals, really really easily. The mics have built in drivers and come with cables and shockmounts, so you don't really need anything else. Its also Mac and PC compatible so you can take it everywhere!

Question: Talk to me about the shield for the mic and the importance of the vocal booth. How does it all work.

Mark Brown: Ok, so we all know what its like, you're trying to record a voiceover or a singing vocal and even though we would all love huge soundproof studios and halls to record in, this just isn't reality, most of us record in small bedrooms or hallways which when you record in them, no matter what you do to the vocal, it sounds like your recording it in your bathroom or through a terrible mic. No amount of editing can turn terrible audio into a perfect audio.

If you listen to a radio broadcaster you'll notice there is no reverb, no echos, sound of walls because the studio is sound proofed. The vocal booth creates the same effect by eliminating the vocals bouncing off your walls, as well as preventing other external noise getting into the mic.

Question: What others products do you have

Mark Brown: At the moment, we have the keyboard sets, keyboard covers as well as the new recording equipment, and so we are hoping to develop the recording equipment, with some new headphones, a full huge vocal booth unit which I'm sure people are really gonna love!

Question: Tell us where you've been, where you are going

Mark Brown: Well we started off as the little company which made peoples life a little easier and made editing faster. In the future we still want to be known for that but in different areas, we're starting up a new training company both solo and with a couple of existing training companies, and we want to focus on helping people become editors and by that I mean not just knowing how to use the program, but how to use it effectively. Most people train themselves but couldn't tell you what every part of the program does or how to use it well.
I talk to a lot of people who try to do effects, which take them hours which can sometimes be done in minutes, so thats one part of it, but the other side is what makes a good editor, what makes a good story or song?

So we're only employing trainers who have real world experience.


The SL150 Mic is available for £69.99 and can be ordered from Editors Keys:


ALso available is the Portable Vocal Booth:


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