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Digital Heaven: demonstration of Final Print 2.0 and Loader

Recorded live at the UKFCUG meeting, Birmingham 2011

Martin Baker, Digital Heaven: Final Print 2 and Loader

Recorded live at the UKFCUG meeting, Birmingham, March 31, 2011.

Demonstration of Final Print 2.0 and Loader by Martin Baker of Digital Heaven.

Final Print 2.0

Final Print enables browsing and printing of Final Cut Pro projects. By taking full advantage of Final Cut Pro’s XML interchange format, Final Print allows the user to view a list of clips, markers or the content of a bin with up to 10 columns of information. The lists can be printed or saved as a PDF file providing a very useful workflow enhancement when handing off a project to another member of the post production team.

This major new version adds numerous features and enhancements including:

- Completely redesigned interface
- Ability to load projects directly from Final Cut Pro 7
- Support for viewing clips inside sequences
- Multiple XML files or projects can be opened simultaneously
- Ability to filter by marker color or track number
- New column layouts with sorting allows full customisation of display
- Improved performance


Loader enables one to import music, graphics and other media into Final Cut Pro and at the same time can convert formats and file the media away in a location determined by the user. This simplifies media management and avoids the problem of having files scattered throughout your system in various places - effectively Loader puts whatever you import into Final Cut Pro into one place.

Both applications are available from the Digital Heaven website.

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