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Final Cut Pro: A Day In The Life

Courtesy of We Don't Give A Frak

Final Cut Pro : A Day In The Life, courtesy of We Don't Give A Frak

The above video was run to kick off MacVideo Expo., June 9, 2011. Thanks to We Don't Give A Frak for permission to show this.

As we stand on the threshold of the end of one era, the old Final Cut Pro, and the beginning of a new with Final Cut Pro X, this music video and soundtrack encapsulates the world of the freelance Final Cut Pro editor and their chaotic existence.

Humorous, yet not too far from the truth. Does this video remind you of anyone you know?

Interview with Joshua Bragg of We Don't Give A Frak - star and creator of Final Cut Pro: A Day In The Life

How long did it take to shoot?

We shot this whole video in one day! We have a green screen studio and then we shot in my apartment, around my neighborhood, and up in queens. It was a lot of traveling, but that seemed like the only way to do it.

What format/s & camera/s were used in the making?

We shot on the cannon 5D mark II with a 10-20mm 3.5 lens as well as a standard L series zoom lens. The footage was then formatted to apple pro Res 422 HQ

Tell us about post production - guessing you used FCP - anything else?

The rap went through a few editors until it finally landed in the hands of Jennifer Dean. She is a current intern at Driver Digital and a talented freelance editor. She did the bulk of the work under my supervision, and when she was finished I did the final cut, with minor tweaks to clean up certain parts. It was very much a collaborative  edit. We were constantly revising and trying new ideas.   We used final cut pro 7 for the edit.

How did the idea come to you - who is about? Yourselves or people you know?

I saw a video on vimeo called "making money with a mouse and a wacom pen". I had always been interested in making comedy music videos, but i never acted on that feeling. this one inspired me because it was about the artists life. I talked it over with my fellow producers Matt Gielen and Rachel Crouse and they both agreed that we needed to do one. Editing seemed to be the topic of choice right away because I had just been hired as an editor after two years of freelance editing. Matt made a list of points he thought i should hit and was a driving force in the writing process helping to make the rap both specific enough for editors and general enough for everyone else. This song is not only a fun poke at my previous life, but also focuses on what I think everyone goes through as a freelancer. But no. No I never did soft core porn. That was just a perfect rhyme.

Anything else you want to say?

Keep you eyes peeled to YouTube.com/wedontgiveafrak for the next rap coming soon! "Trollin" about Internet trolls and introducing 3 new rappers. Plus myself of course. And edited once again by Jennifer Dean.


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