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The Ken Stone Sessions (part 2)

Featuring Andrew Balis, Philip Hodgetts, Michael Horton, Ken Stone

| Macworld UK

Ken Stone Sessions Part 2 - featuring Andrew Balis, Philip Hodgets, Michael Horton, Ken Stone

The above movie is the second part of the Ken Stone Sessions, recorded January, 2009.

Click here to watch Part 1 of The Ken Sessions on MacVideo.


The digital video scene is now firmly established with user groups, websites, talk forums, events and loads of information for those seeking knowledge. However, it wasn't always like that.

The first of the Final Cut Pro user groups started in San Francisco - around 2000. This was known as SF Cutters. Soon after the wildfire spread to LA and the Los Angeles Final Cut Pro User Group was formed. The influence of what was happening on the west coast of the USA then spread throughout the world.

In the above video piece, founding members of the LAFCPUG talk about what the digital video scene was like at the time, they relive the excitement of what can be described as a technological and creative revolution, and give insight into where we've been and where we're going.

Featuring founding members of the LAFCPUG: Andrew Balis, Philip Hodgetts, Michael Horton, Ken Stone.


Words from those who were instrumental in making the LAFCPUG happen:

Michael Horton: It opened up a whole world to so called non-professionals who didn't have to invest thousands of dollars into equipment. And it democratized, as they say, the filmmaking abilities and the story telling abilities via software. All we had to do was go out and buy a Mac, install this software and boom - we can do what the big boys could do. Or at least we tried.

Philip Hodgetts: I'd gone from Media 100. I'd been a very early adopter of Media 100 in ‘94. It's first year. And then I saw Final Cut in a Beta at the end of NAB ‘98 and I thought this going to be the next hot thing.

Andrew Balis: It was like wow. This is amazing. This is a tool for anybody, you know, small independent filmmakers to big honchos that are you there - big influential people were starting to dabble with Final Cut for a number of different reasons.

My whole thing about getting into Final Cut was was it good enough to do what we needed to do. So I spent a lot time researching and researching and researching and paying a lot of time just looking.

Ken Stone - We didn't have a clue. And if you look at the technologies now and the cameras we're shooting with, the codecs, all the input and the output and the rest of it - I personally had no idea it was going to be going this far and this quickly.

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