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Larry Jordan - Founder of 2-pop.com

Creator of the first of the FCP websites set the scene for many others to follow

Larry Jordan - the guy who founded 2-Pop

1999 ...a guy woke up crazy bonkers one morning and started a new Web site with an online discussion forum format dedicated to FCP in his bedroom on a Mac laptop. And that was the start of 2-pop: Larry on a Mac laptop in his bedroom in LA basically 24/7, figuring out Adobe GoLive and WebBBS and all that gooey Perl/CGI gunk, putting up juicy DV news flashes on the front page...

The news was out that FCP was cheap, solid, empowering, and easy to pick up and start using, and the HELP!!! questions poured in from the brave souls who were starting to use it and from the curious folks who hadn't taken the plunge yet, but wanted to know if it was really for real.

And we all felt pretty heady at 2-pop in those early days, let me tell you. As a few 2-poppers started sharing their early success stories in the forums, on more than one occasion you could log on to the general discussion forum late at night and find a post here and there with the exuberant subject line: "Viva la Revolution." I know, because I posted a few of those rallying cries myself.

Words by Ralph Fairweather

Larry Jordan works as a film editor in Los Angeles and is the force behind the digital video website HDfilmtools.com

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