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Interview with Lenny Lipton (part 4)

Independent FIlmmaker and Author

Lenny Lipton - Filmmaker & Author (part 4)

Lenny Lipton is a prolific filmmaker, having independently produced 25 films. He has written many articles and four books, three of which were published by Simon & Schuster, including Independent Filmmaking, which was the standard text on the subject for twenty years. In 1982 he published his book, Foundations of the Stereoscopic Cinema, which provides a wide ranging analysis of many stereoscopic topics. The book's primary focus is the stereoscopic cinema, however the book's many background sections are equally relevant to the many different types of stereoscopic display devices available today. This book provides a wealth of information for both the novice and also those already active in the field of stereoscopic imaging.

He has also been a contributor to national magazines such as Popular Photography and American Cinematographer. He is a member of The Society for Information Display, the Society of Photo-Instrumentation Engineers, and he was the chairman of the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers working group which established standards for the projection of stereoscopic theatrical films.

Lipton wrote the lyrics to the song Puff the Magic Dragon as a 19-year-old at Cornell University. He graduated from Cornell University where he majored in physics. The song was a hit in 1963 for Peter Paul and Mary.

Two of Lipton's books, The Super 8 Book (San Francisco: Straight Arrow Books. 1975) and Independent Film Making (San Francisco: Straight Arrow Books, 1972) have become known as classics in the world of independent filmmaking.

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