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Michael Wohl - original development team for Final Cut Pro (part 2)

An industry veteren tells the story of how Final Cut Pro was created

Michael Wohl - Original Final Cut Pro Development Team (part 2)

Click to watch Part 1 of the Michael Wohl interview.

Michael Wohl worked for Adobe in the mid-1990's and was involved with Premiere in the days when Premiere was one of the only affordable video editors around. He then moved to Macromedia as part of the original team put together to produce Final Cut Pro. He is credited as being one of the original designers of Apple's Emmy award winning Final Cut Pro software.

In this interview Michael tells the story of how it all happened. The app. that was born at Macromedia, then sold to Apple, which then went on the revolutionise the post-production workflow of a generation of filmmakers. The repercussions of what happened in the early days are still being felt today.

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