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Ramy Katrib: Founder and CEO, DigitalFilm Tree

A Hollywood post facility on the cutting edge of technology

Ramy Katrib: Founder and CEO, DigitalFilm Tree

When FCP hit the world back in 1999 the program was regarded as a video editing application. For those wishing to work with film, and match the negative to the edit produced within Final Cut, this was a formidable challenge. Those at a Los Angeles based edit facility known as DigitalFilm Tree were pioneers who broke through the wall of expensive post production and made film editing using FCP possible. Ramy Katrib, Founder and CEO of DigitalFilm Tree, was instrumental in making this happen. He tells the story to MacVideo; where DigitalFilm Tree has been; developments which have taken place over the last decade; and where the company is at in the year 2009.

Ramy Katrib - The guy who put the word PRO in Final Cut Pro

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