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Meet broadcast specs. using plug-ins for Final Cut and Soundtrack Pro

Simon Pegg, Research and Development Director, Eyeheight, Ltd

Simon Pegg, Eyeheight (part 1) - audio for broadcast using KARMAudioAU

Simon Pegg, Research and Development Director, at Eyeheight, Ltd talks about KARMAudioAU and complianceSuiteFC

These plug-ins for Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Express and Soundtrack Pro, enable you to meet broadcast requirements with regards to perceptual loudness, peaking, and all video technical requirements.

KARMAudioAU for Final Cut is an OS X native Audio Unit plug-in compatible with Final Cut, Soundtrack Pro and any application which supports Audio Units. KARMAudioAU analyzes stereo and multi-channel audio content using ITU-R BS.1770 (optionally including the EBU R128 relative gate) and then applies a global gain value to bring the audio to the the target loudness. By applying a global the target loudness is matched whilst maintaining the full dynamic range of the original source audio. KARMAudioAU for Final Cut also performs true peak limiting based on ITU-R BS.1770 true peak estimation and a proprietary true peak control algorithm to ensure the final output does not exceed peak-program level limits.

With KARMAudioAU Final Cut users can ensure loudness and peak-program level compliance in seconds and in combination with complianceSuiteFC deliver fully compliant video and audio content direct from the Final Cut time-line to tape or playout server.

Simon Pegg, Eyeheight (part 2) - ensuring legal video and safe area with complianceSuiteFC

complianceSuiteFC is regarded as a professional legalisation and safe-area plug-in for Apple Final Cut Studio and Express. Industry leading legalisation with advanced proprietary processing and safe-area support for all SMPTE, ARIB, EBU and ITU-R safe areas. complianceSuiteFC can optionally include KARMAudioAU (KA-FC) automatic multi-channel perceptual loundess (ITU-R BS.1770, ATSC A/85, EBU R128, short-term peak) and true-peak (PPM) control for Final Cut and Soundtrack Pro.

Simon Pegg, Eyeheight (part 3) - using external high bitrate recorders with affordable cameras

Simon Pegg, Research and Development Director, at Eyeheight, Ltd comments on using external high bitrate recorders with affordable cameras.

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