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The Foundry introduce STORM

RED workflow for the Mac

Richard Shackleton, The Foundry; Peter Majtan, DP & Colourist

Interview with Richard Shackleton - Head of Product Management, The Foundry; Peter Majtan - Director of Photography & Colourist.

STORM has been developed in-house at The Foundry to assist RED Digital Cinema production workflows. STORM is designed to be used the moment your media comes off the camera,  through to final delivery. The software can be used on an on-set laptop or a post-production workstation.

STORM provides the tools to check exposure, focus, colour, audio and editorial content on-set as soon as your RED material becomes available. It provides  professional tools check your material such as loupe, histogram, still-store, vectorscope and parades. You can compare shots to your still-store and open up multiple viewers to see shots side by side. Check for colour consistency, lens changes, changes in frame rate, or any other metadata.

Trim and tag shots with your own labels or notes and search your Shot Bins for those Tags, or any other metadata. Sort your Shots, Looks, Tags and Templates into a user defined multi-level Bin structure. Scrub or play the thumbnails in the Bins, view the metadata by simply hovering over them. Organising and finding your media becomes simple.

All image processing in STORM is in floating-point and on the original material. No captured data is going to be thrown away and that the output will be of the highest possible quality. 

Create dailies in a number of formats, trimmed with handles and with a technical grade applied.

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