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The Assistant Editor, taking the work out of editing

Filmed at the FCPUG Network NAB Supermeet, Las Vegas 2008


The Assistant Editor

It sounds like something out of an Isaac Asimov novel, a time when machines rule the world and computers replace humans. The idea of the assistant editor is nothing along these lines - this is not something which will do your editing for you, rather it is something that will help to arrange video clips and audio grabs in a coherent form so you can explore the stories within that material.

Targeted at documentary editors, The Assistant Editor lets you view a first cut of your material. The computer is used as a database of all your medial which you first must log, and label with keywords which relate to the themes and subject matter of your documentary material.

You specify the parameters for how you want your material arranged: duration, arrangement of themes/subjects, and then the Assistant Editor will knock you an edit quicker than it would take to view a shot.

Via XML the source clips are referred to, video and audio extracted and arranged into a coherent, structured Timeline complete with a beginning, middle and end, interviews, b-roll, fades, graphics and edited sequences.


The Assistant Editor is a tool to help you to get the best out of your material. It will do your editing for you but it will only do some of it. You still need all the skills of editor and need to be the judge of the best way to cut the material for maximum effect. I suspect if one uses The Assistant Editor it could save great deal of time in the first initial stages of the editing process when you want to work out the best forward. For $295 this is not a lot to pay.

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