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Best of MacVideo Interview 2011Has a video


Rick Youjg
Featuring: Impressions of Final Cut Pro X: Steve Martin; Ned Soltz; Walter Murch talks about Final Cut Pro X; Gary Adcock - views on FCPX; Adobe; Avid; Smoke on the Mac and more; MTF electronic lens adapter for Canon EOS lenses available imminently for large sensor video cameras; Jon Thorn talks Thunderbolt & more; Sony NEX-FS100: Den Lennie, F-Stop Academy

Episode 6: King of the EncodersHas a video


Rick Young
Telestream Product Manager, Kevin Louden, talks about Episode 6, which is regarded as being one of the fastest and highest quality encoders on the market. With a staggering array of encoding presets which can be customised to the user needs, Episode 6 offers a complete encoding solution for Mac and/or PC.

Alex Lindsay - Founder Pixel CorpsHas a video


Rick Young
From the MacVideo archive: Alex Lindsay, founder of the Pixel Corps, has been involved in computer graphics and computer animation for nearly 20 years. Alex has extensive experience in digital production including print, real-time graphics, multimedia titles, forensic animation, television, and film. He spent several years on the production of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (at JAK Films and then at Industrial Light and Magic). Alex has taught at the Academy of Art and at the San Francisco State Multimedia Studies Programs. He writes for 3D Magazine, 3D World, and Post.

Jon Thorn talks Thunderbolt & moreHas a video


Rick Young
AJA's Jon Thorn provides detailed information about Thunderbolt technology and the impact this will have on the editing world. On show is an AJA technology preview, code named Phaser, incorporating 2 Thunderbolt connections for high-speed data transfer. This 5 part interview also covers other AJA products including Kona technologyy, FS2, Ki Pro Mini portable ProRes recorder and another technology demonstration code named Riker.

MacVideo Expo: Preparing for Final Cut Pro X (part 2)Has a video


Rick Young
6 well-known editors of the UK Final Cut Pro community, in turn, talk about about their hopes for Final Cut Pro X, their concerns, and how they are preparing for the impending change in editing technology.

Adobe CS5.5: new features run-throughHas a video


Rick Young
Bill Roberts. Director of Video Product Management at Adobe, explains the debut of a subscription-based pricing plan, available from US$85 per month, to customers that want to try CS5.5, or use it on a project by project basis. Subscription Editions ensure customers with active subscriptions are always working with the most up-to-date versions of the software, without the upfront cost of full pricing.

Rick Young - Final Cut Pro Tips and Tricks (part 1)Has a video


Rick Young
Rick Young demonstrates Final Cut Pro editing and workflow techniques; recorded at The Frontline Club; UKFCUG meeting, Feb. 24, 2011. Includes: dealing with a multitude of codecs and outputting to any format you want; selectively exporting from the Final Cut Pro Timeline; effective media management; how to clone a hard drive and protect yourself again disaster for the cost of an external drive

Encoding with Sorenson MediaHas a video


Rick Young
Best known for Sorenson Squeeze, the company Sorenson Media has been enabling video technology on the Mac since the early days of QuickTime. In this interview, President and CEO, Peter Csathy, gives background to the company and details the current offerings and direction for Sorenson Media moving forward.

Best MacVideo Interviews, 2010 (parts 3 & 4)Has a video


Rick Young
Featuring: Alex Lindsay, Pixel Corps; Matt Davis on the Sony EX1R; Stuart Ashton, Blackmagic Design; Justin Wilkenfeld, GoPro HD Hero ; Bruce Sharpe, Plural Eyes; Stu Maschwitz, DV Rebel; Jon Thorn, AJA Ki Pro Mini; Canon XF100/105, XF300/305; Jan Crittenden, Panasonic 3D; Philip Johnston, HD Warrior on the PMW-F3

Best MacVideo Interviews, 2010 (parts 1 & 2)Has a video


Rick Young
Featuring: Stu Maschwitz, Filmmaker; Bruce Nazarian, The “Digital Guy”; Vaughan Smith, War Journalist; Ted Schilowitz; Red Digital Cinema; Ned Soltz; Digital Video Expert; Vincent Laforet, Director, DP, Photographer; Rodney Charters, Cinematographer; Shane Hurlbut, Cinematographer Stephan Ukas-Bradley, Arri

Stu Maschwitz: DV Rebel (part 1)Has a video


Rick Young
Stu Maschwitzis a highly regarded director, writer and visual effects artist based in San Francisco. He has worked as a senior visual effects supervisor on many films. He previously worked at Industrial Light and Magic and also co-founded a company known as The Orphanage. In 2007 he authored the book The DV Rebel's Guide: An All-Digital Approach to Making Killer Action Movies on the Cheap. In 2008 he became software director of Red Giant software

Boris Yamnitsky: Founder, Boris FXHas a video


Rick Young
In this interview Boris Yamnitsky, the Founder of Boris FX talks about the history of Boris FX as a company and he also demonstrates some of the capabilities of Boris Continuum Complete. Boris FX is regarded featuring a tool-sets which rate alongside the best of the best in the world of motion graphics and video effects creation. Boris FX work with many editors for both Mac and PC.

Autodesk: Smoke on the MacHas a video


Rick Young
Interview with Maurice Patel - Entertainment Industry Manager, Autodesk and Marc Petit - Senior Vice President, Autodesk Media & Entertainment. Towards the end of 2009 Autodesk announced that Smoke, its video editing, 3D and finishing effects software, was to work on the Mac platform. The tool harnesses the 64-bit power of Snow Leopard and will integrate into existing Mac-based workflows using Final Cut Pro and Avid Media Composer.

Brian Gary - Producer/DirectorHas a video


Rick Young
Producer/Director/Editor Brian Gary, is an award-winning filmmaker. His three part mini-series, Jefferson Davis, An American President (PBS) has garnered multiple 2009 Best Documentary of the year awards. Brian Gary is also a world-class compressionist, for Blu-ray, DVD and other forms of digital encoding.

NanoFlash Investigation with Ben King (parts 1 and 2)Has a video


Rick Young
Broadcast Editor Ben King, investigates Convergent Designs NanoFlash. The aim is to see just how much difference it makes working with full 4:2:2 image processing and at higher bitrates. The NanoFlash is is a portable device which accepts video in via SDI or HDMI. It can be used to record a full broadcast signal out of affordable cameras, bypassing the image compression which these cameras natively employ.

Richard Shackleton - The FoundryHas a video


Rick Young
The Foundry is regarded as being world leading innovator of visual effects and image processing technologies that boost productivity in motion picture and video post production. The Foundry's products support a wide range of award-winning host platforms including After Effects, Autodesk® Media and Entertainment Systems, Avid DS, Nuke, Shake and Final Cut Pro. In 2007, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awarded a Sci-Tech Award® to The Foundry's development team for the Furnace image processing suite.

AJA KI Pro: real-world operationHas a video


Sidney Lobb and Rick Young
Recorded in Rome, this interview with Project Engineer, Sidney Lobb, gives insight as to how AJA's Ki Pro can be used in a professional situation. Designed as a ProRes recorder, the Ki Pro can be used to replace traditional decks, and also to enable up conversion, down conversion, cross conversion of video signals. One can use the Ki Pro to bypass the compression of the affordable cameras and achieve superior results to highly compressed codecs.

Stuart Ashton - General Manager EMEA, Blackmagic Design (parts 1 and 2)Has a video


Rick Young
An in-depth discussion about DaVinci Resolve on the Mac: what this means for the world of color correction, different options offered in the DaVinci range, key features which DaVinci offers and the Blackmagic strategy for making high-end tools affordable and within reach of everyone.

Dennis Radeke: Adobe Certified ExpertHas a video


Rick Young
In this piece Dennis Radeke talks about the significance of the 64 bit, native cocoa functionality of Adobe CS5, the integration with Final Cut Pro, the Mercury playback engine, and the benefits the latest carnation of the software brings to the users.CS5 is an eagerly awaited upgrade to Adobe's CS5 and is expected to ship within the month.

Best of MacVideo Interviews 2009 (parts 3 & 4)Has a video


Rick Young
Featuring: Claudio von Planta - War Cameraman/Journalist; Jonathan Walls- Co-Director/Editor; Lenny Lipton - Independent Filmmaker; Michael Wohl - original Final Cut Pro Development Team; Vaughan Smith - War Cameraman/Journalist; Walter Murch - Feature Film Editor; Tom Ohanian - Founding team Avid Technology; Jerry Hofmann - Digital Video Pioneer; Ramy Katrib - CEO and Founder, DigitalFilm Tree; The Ken Stone Sessions (part 1).

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