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Author: Topic: Bristol and Bath calling....
Phil A
Phil A

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Posted: Sat, 03 Jul 2004 01:17PM
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If you get Rick's newsletter you'll have heard already that we're setting up a Final Cut Pro user group based in the fine media centres of Bristol & Bath. (Actually it'll be in Bristol, but I live in Bath so it gets a mention!)

We're looking wider, and to reflect that we're called WEFCPUG (West of England FCP User Group - not to exclude the Welsh of course, but things may be happening across the Severn, too, we hear).

WEFCPUG will be affiliated to the Grand Alliance of FCP user groups and we'll be modelling ourselves (modestly) after the grandaddy, LA FCPUG. Our good friend Mike Horton of the LA group is offering wise advice to us already. (Starting with 'prepare to re-arrange your life, now').

Grand launch will be in September, but right now we're open to collect names for our mailing list so that YOU will know what's happening where - and get involved at the beginning in what is going to be (as Mike always says) a HUGE event.

We're expecting primarily a pro-based membership (ie that's where we're aiming the meeting agendas) but ALL are welcome. Especially sponsors. But right now, we're testing the waters and seeing how much interest there is.

First off, email us (that's me, Phil Ashby, and Richard Atherton, both of us known in these parts at UKFCUG as well as 2-pop.com) at

[email protected]

and we will, as they say, keep you posted.

PS Wish us luck!

Phil & Richard, WEFCPUG
(website coming soon)

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Author: Topic: Re: Bristol and Bath calling....
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Posted: Sun, 04 Jul 2004 07:43PM
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Full support to WEFCPUG!!!

Keep us posted with further developments as they happen guys.

I'll do my best to shoot across the Bristol as soon as you launch in September.


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