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Author: Topic: Anybody got any tips about using FCP for broadcast online?

Posted: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 12:18PM
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Hello, I wondered if anybody has used FCP as a broacast off/online directly? I've used it once for something but it was sent off to be arked, I have a new job and they want to finish on FCP and I'm aware that there are going to be some considerations like colour ranges and sound level subtleties that may be more advanced than my knowledge permits.

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Author: Topic: Re: Anybody got any tips about using FCP for broadcast online?

Posted: Mon, 29 Nov 2004 07:46PM
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I have just one tip! Rather than taking the risk of doing this yourself, you may want to consider finishing the offline and bringing it to us for FCP onlining with all the equipment necessary for broadcast mastering. Or come along to the user group meeting next Tuesday and we can have a chat about your project.

Martin Baker

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Author: Topic: Topic Icon Re: Anybody got any tips about using FCP for broadcast online?

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Posted: Tue, 30 Nov 2004 10:26PM
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I second that emotion. That's not a DH sales pitch!

The phrase 'That'll do' does not apply to broadcast.

I've got a decent monitor, a good audio system, and try to get to DVCPRO50 for most jobs with motion graphics (almost digibeta). However, if I were going to broadcast, I'd 'finish'.

On a differnet track, one can be good at editing, and pretty good at directing and producing, and maybe even handle a PD150, but it's fairly certain that one can't finish.

Other than the sensitivity to the final result, finishing kit doesn't make it to the average FCP suite. Just the use of an audio compressor/expander and a bit of EQ in the hands of a finisher can lift an audio track into a soundtrack. And you can deliver a 14:9 with bars and tone that mean something.

Should anyone have grokked my 2-pop post, note that I talk about finishing in FCP here, not the Avid argument of offlining in one system and exporting to another.

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