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Author: Topic: iMovie problem

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Posted: Thu, 12 May 2005 12:09PM
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Hope this is the correct forum
I’m putting some converted cine film (About 6 hrs worth) onto DVD using iMovie and iDVD.
The footage is currently spread over Mini DV tapes.

Each of these has been imported into it’s own iMovie project, however, I want to do a bit of moving about of footage, i.w bring in footage from one movie into another.
Each time I add the clip I want, the whole huge file is duplicated.

Am I missing something, or is iMovie unable just to make a refernce to the clip in the other film?
Can Final Cut HD bring in additional footage to a film without duplicating the film?

Hope the above makes sense.


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Author: Topic: Re: iMovie problem

Posted: Wed, 18 May 2005 01:33PM
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You have it right, iMovie saves all of the footage (clips etc) within its project file, so duplicates anything you copy in from another project.

FCP simply references the original file, so you only have the one copy of the footage.

I've been doing something similar with footage from VHS, transferring it on to DVD. I'd use FCP, but my wife has been doing some editing, having attended an Apple session on using iLife, so it needed to be as basic as possible. She has produced (with minimal help) two edited DVDs. The end result is very good, 'only' the kids growing up, but at least now when the tape finally breaks we won't have lost it all.

Cheers ... Antony
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