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Author: Topic: how do I go from FCP 5.04 to FCP 5.1.2

Posted: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 02:45PM
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I'm jumping in the deep end working with FCP as my first project is on HD. Can't update to the brand new 5.1.2 as it needs to update from version 5.1. How do I get the update I need from version 5.04????

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Author: Topic: Re: how do I go from FCP 5.04 to FCP 5.1.2

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Posted: Sun, 01 Oct 2006 04:20PM
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Okay here's the process:

1) Upgrade to 5.1 by using the Apple Store (quickly!), paying the £35 or so, get your upgrade number.

2) Copy your original FCP disks, then send them to Apple using the address supplied with your £35 upgrade email.

3) Wait 4-7 days for the new disks to arrive.

4) Install FCP 5.1 - open it, put a slug into a project and save it. Quit.

5) Restart your Mac - check 'Software Update'

6) Download the updates and be happy.

Be very, very aware that upgrading to 5.1.2 is a one way experience for your FCP projects. Duplicate them before opening just in case you need to step back - but you probably won't want to as 5.1.2 seems to be cool so far.

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